4 Financial Instruments to Fund Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the culmination of marriage and the opener to a new chapter of life. Since it’s a very special moment, you and your spouse should plan for it meticulously. Honeymoon can also be expensive especially if you want the best experience ever. Instead of scratching your head over a funding source, you can try any of these financial instruments:


Joint Savings


Since wedding is a big event, you and your spouse probably have joint savings. It’s time to check these joint savings and use the money to fund your honeymoon. If you’ve already used it for your wedding, the extra amount can go towards your honeymoon escapade. By using your savings, you can get away from having to pay interest rates of loans.


Wedding Gifts


In a wedding, there’s a big chance that you’ll receive cash gifts. You can use a portion of these cash gifts to fund your honeymoon. The cash gifts are more convenient to use than any loan instrument because you don’t need to shell out money per month. Without such worry, your honeymoon experience will become more enjoyable.


Wedding and Honeymoon Loans


Some lenders put offer wedding and honeymoon loans for newlywed couples. These cash loan can be considered as subcategories of personal loans. This has a long-term positive effect because personal loans don’t have collateral and their interest rates are more tolerable than other debt tools. While shopping for wedding and honeymoon loans, don’t be swayed by huge amounts. Always remember the purpose: honeymoon. You only need to get the amount that you need. True – it’s good to have a little bit extra but such effect is nullified by the interest that you have to pay each month.


Credit cards


While you may use credit cards to secure travel reservations and other purchases, you can also use them for your honeymoon escapade. Credit cards are known for their convenience and flexibility, and you can get as many cards as your financial state will allow. If you have a present card that you want to use, make sure that all other balances are settled first. But if you’re going to apply for a new one, you should learn more about the privileges and perks that you can avail. This will help you save money in the long run. Be careful regarding your purchases or you might overspend.


Getting a honeymoon funding source shouldn’t be too difficult if you have the right options at hand. After your honeymoon, just remember to fulfill your payables so that you won’t be compromised in the future.