Best Gold Investment Options for Your Personal Loan

Nowadays, investors have tons of choices where to put their money in. Supposing you managed to get a personal loan and you want to invest your money. What investment option sparked in your mind? If you thought about gold, then you made the right choice. The next thing that you have to ponder about is the type of gold option that you’re going to shoot for.


Check out these popular gold investment options:


Gold Jewelry


Do you want to enter the gold investment game right away? The best solution is to find a gold jewelry seller. Gold jewelry has a firm and delicate value because of consistent demand. You can see different types of gold jewelry in local stores, malls, pawnshops, and even peddler stalls. If you don’t have broad knowledge regarding gold jewelry, do your homework. Join investment forums and discuss about the growing potential of gold jewelry. Through proper research, you can minimize your risk.


Collectible Gold Coins


If you want to collect gold coins with the help of your personal loan fund, you have to keep a close eye over coin markets. The price of a collectible coin may rise over a day, and plummet in the same manner. If you intend to keep your collection for a long time, then you’re stretching out for the long game. Apparently, this is a safer move than trying to sell out the pieces you acquired immediately. Be wary about buying gold coin collection; some of them might be forged. It’s important to read up on gold coins, history, designs, active gold coin markets, and buying trends. In this way, your personal loan won’t be wasted to a collection that will just accumulate dust in your room.


Gold Nuggets


Gold nuggets are similar to unrefined gold ores. These are pure gold pieces usually sold by traveling jewelers. Investing in gold nuggets is not as lucrative as the first two options but they have a lower entry scheme. Before taking this route, make sure that you know a supplier who can really be trusted. Be vigilant about traveling jewelers because they might hustle you out. You may also encounter gold nugget sellers in Facebook.


Even though gold is one of the most precious metals, you should be careful in choosing it as your main investment. Remember that every investment vehicle has risks – gold is not an exception. Create a meticulous investment plan with exit strategies. This is the most effective way of profiting from your investment.

4 Financial Instruments to Fund Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the culmination of marriage and the opener to a new chapter of life. Since it’s a very special moment, you and your spouse should plan for it meticulously. Honeymoon can also be expensive especially if you want the best experience ever. Instead of scratching your head over a funding source, you can try any of these financial instruments:


Joint Savings


Since wedding is a big event, you and your spouse probably have joint savings. It’s time to check these joint savings and use the money to fund your honeymoon. If you’ve already used it for your wedding, the extra amount can go towards your honeymoon escapade. By using your savings, you can get away from having to pay interest rates of loans.


Wedding Gifts


In a wedding, there’s a big chance that you’ll receive cash gifts. You can use a portion of these cash gifts to fund your honeymoon. The cash gifts are more convenient to use than any loan instrument because you don’t need to shell out money per month. Without such worry, your honeymoon experience will become more enjoyable.


Wedding and Honeymoon Loans


Some lenders put offer wedding and honeymoon loans for newlywed couples. These cash loan can be considered as subcategories of personal loans. This has a long-term positive effect because personal loans don’t have collateral and their interest rates are more tolerable than other debt tools. While shopping for wedding and honeymoon loans, don’t be swayed by huge amounts. Always remember the purpose: honeymoon. You only need to get the amount that you need. True – it’s good to have a little bit extra but such effect is nullified by the interest that you have to pay each month.


Credit cards


While you may use credit cards to secure travel reservations and other purchases, you can also use them for your honeymoon escapade. Credit cards are known for their convenience and flexibility, and you can get as many cards as your financial state will allow. If you have a present card that you want to use, make sure that all other balances are settled first. But if you’re going to apply for a new one, you should learn more about the privileges and perks that you can avail. This will help you save money in the long run. Be careful regarding your purchases or you might overspend.


Getting a honeymoon funding source shouldn’t be too difficult if you have the right options at hand. After your honeymoon, just remember to fulfill your payables so that you won’t be compromised in the future.

3 Ways to Shield Yourself from Lenders’ Tricky Marketing Practices

Lenders are known as some of the real experts in marketing. By launching a simple viral video, a licensed money lender  will be able to draw in thousands of borrowers from many parts of the world. Banks are notorious for this because they have larger marker reach compared to small-time lenders. If you’re getting tired of lenders’ attractive marketing practices, here are some methods to shield yourself:


Financial Awareness


Financial awareness is all about knowing your overall financial stance. Many people don’t have financial awareness – they’re mostly driven by impulse to buy stuff and spend money. That is the consumer mindset embedded in everyone’s mind through years of advertisement display and media control. If you’re financially aware, you can assess the level of need for a loan. Most of the time, you don’t need a loan – you’re just mesmerized by low interest claims and other perks offered by lenders. By being financially aware, you’re stepping your foot forward


Don’t Stay Too Long in Social Media


Social media is a great source of all types of information. More often than not, it’s also a source of distraction and psychological hooks. If you spend too many hours in social media, lenders will be able to latch onto your mind. Their pages will bombard you with content and instill a ‘need’ for their loan products. A social media diet is a good strategy to prevent lenders’ marketing tactics from infesting your mind. Minimize your daily stay in social media, particularly Facebook. If you can do this, then you’ll be one step closer towards loan independence. Also, while surfing in social media, focus on other areas instead of financial portals.


Always Maintain a Contingency Fund


One of the reasons why people apply for loans is the lack of appropriate budget. If you constantly rely on loans, this probably means that you have no savings or your income threshold is not enough. As much as possible, you should set up a contingency fund. This fund will be used for emergency situations. At first, it’ll be hard to set this up. Your contingency fund (also known as rainy day fund) should have at least three months of your projected income.


Lenders’ tricky marketing practices will always be a part of global financial systems. Rather than stressing yourself about these marketing methods, you should just ask yourself if you need loans. Or if you have loans, you should think about proper repayment methods by the help of moneylender review. Nowadays, it’s beneficial to be a responsible borrower.

3 Ways to Become a Responsible Home Loan Borrower

For the past years, the popularity of home loans has actively surged. Back then, it’s difficult to get home loans. There are tons of hurdles that must be broken first. Nowadays, with the rise of online lending, almost everyone can apply for a home loan. While the process has become easier, you still need to keep the responsibility in your mind.


Check out these strategies on becoming a responsible home loan borrower:


Analyze the Housing Market


Since you’re taking out a home loan, it’s beneficial to understand the housing market – even a fraction of it. By figuring out the cycles and trends of the housing market, you’ll know the best time to get a home loan. While home loans are not too volatile, they are still subjected to change depending on the lender’s strategy. To analyze the housing market, you can do a short online research. Find local and international articles to strengthen your research.


Use the Loan for Right Purposes


More often than not, people borrow loans to purchase something or deal with any sticky situation. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you have to be careful around home loans. Once you applied for a home loan, make sure that you’ll use it for the right purpose. Don’t apply if you’ll just go on a spending spree. Home loans are meant for home improvements, repair, or financial emergencies. Some home loan lenders are even strict about your reasons. If you use the home loan for right reasons, you’re minimizing your financial risk. Don’t fall for the home loan mismanagement trap or you’ll be compromised!


Plan Your Repayment Methodically


Many borrowers don’t have a repayment plan. They simply borrow a loan and forget about the responsibility afterwards. This can be financially damaging because you’ll shell out penalties if you can’t repay on time. Building a repayment plan won’t eat up a large chunk of your time – 30 minutes will do. Just take out an organizer, list down all of your financial challenges and opportunities, and create specific reminders about your loan. The hard part is forming the right habit to stick to your plan.


Home loans are just like any other loans – they must be repaid. If you can’t repay a home loan on time, your credit status will suffer and you’ll have a hard time applying for other loans. Your home might even be compromised. It’s easy to become a home loan borrower. It’s hard to become a responsible one.

How Do You Qualify for Low-Interest Personal Loans?

While personal loans are known for their availability and convenience, there are still some bad eggs in the bunch. These bad eggs are those with high interest rates and long repayment periods. If you’re looking for a personal loan, you should settle for low-interest ones. These loans won’t put you in a bad financial situation and they can be repaid easily.


But how can you qualify for low-interest personal loans? What are the parameters that must be observed? These factors will help you qualify for a low-interest personal loan.


Have a High Credit Score


A high credit score is helpful in reaping the rewards of the society. With a high credit score, you can get better loans and service providers will trust you more. However, it’s not easy to get a high credit score if you’re just starting out. Many people are not even aware of credit score and its advantages. To raise your credit score, you need to make responsible financial decisions. You can also try applying for credit builder loans because they’d boost your credit score by a large margin.


Highlight Your Employment History


Most lenders would require you to submit employment details. This may hassle you out, but it’s necessary. Employment history will actually improve your chance of getting a low-interest personal loan. Your past and current employment will indicate that you have a better chance of repaying your loan.


Maintain a Low Debt Status


Having one or two debts is acceptable. If you exceed that number, you now have a big problem. While it’s easy to declare that you’ll get out of debts within a month, the action is harder. To maintain a low debt status, you must have a strict repayment plan. Don’t let a debt sit under your name for more than a month. If banks and lenders find out that you have huge debts, they won’t give you a personal loan. You’re a potential risk for these lenders if you have huge debts.


With hundreds of low-interest personal loans in the market today, you’ll have many solutions to your financial problem. However, you must view these personal loans as emergency cards – not crutches. If you live a life controlled by loans and debts, you’ll be miserable. As a rule of thumb, do not apply for a loan if you’re just planning to use it for a spending spree. There must always be a valid and strong reason.